Our Mission

To work with communities, encouraging and nurturing the development of the Cambodian people.

Our Vision

Through our partnerships, we can build sustainable, healthy and productive communities.

eOcambo Community Foundation


Often organizations produce Mission Statements and Visions however at times these are not matched by actions.

eOcambo Hospitality Group formed its Community Foundation to ensure that our actions speak louder than our words with the goal to improve the lives of Cambodian people by supporting initiatives that focus upon Education, improved Living Conditions, the Environment and supporting Sustainable Tourism for the benefit of all in the Siem Reap community.

We are achieving these goals with:

  • 5% of all profit goes to support community programs to improve the lives of underprivileged people
  • 70% of our staff are students and we actively encourage staff to undertake external study to improve their lives
  • Growing each staff members career by providing regular professional development training programs
  • Preserving traditional Khmer culture
  • Respecting and preserving the environment
  • Supporting underprivileged people and NGO organizations who help them through our Volunteer Programs


eOcambo Community Foundation was borne from a early life of poverty and the drive to work hard and build a successful career through education, taking opportunities when they were presented and sheer determination to succeed and never give up– This is the life of our founder Steven (Phich Sokda).

“Being successful provides me with the opportunity to give young people especially an opportunity to improve their lives through education and giving them confidence to succeed” – Steven

This is why our Foundation supports non profit organizations such as Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT), New Hope and Sras Srang Public School with support for English education which is not available in Cambodian public schools.

Staff development is also a major focus and through his own experiences Steven has gained a great deal of knowledge through professional development training, eOcambo Hospitality Group ensures that all our staff receive training that will improve their job opportunities and income into the future.

We welcome all and any support or questions from guests or other partners towards the eOcambo Community Foundation it would be a great pleasure to receive comments or feedback.


Ian Chenoweth

General Manager

eOCambo Community Foundation