Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism

The eOcambo Hospitality Group takes social responsibility seriously, the eOcambo Foundation was established for external projects aimed at helping Cambodians improve their lives.

Internally eOcambo Hospitality Group also displays this social responsibility by:

  • Employing young inexperienced Cambodians. Some of our young staff came to us straight from school. One enterprising young man is still finishing his final year at high school.
  • Providing in-house  hospitality and service training. eOcambo is the first professional job many of our staff have held.  Our professional and very experienced management and department heads provide training and mentoring.
  • Encouraging staff to further their education into University.  Many of our staff are studying at University and we encourage them to continue. We have flexible working arrangements when our students have heavy academic workloads.
  • In-house career progression training.  Staff can participate in career training not directly related to their job, such as learning to do presentations and public speaking.
  • Life skills lessons – eOcambo has run basic first aid training lessons and women’s health lessons.
  • English Classes – Staff can participate in two free English lessons a week.

Sustainable Tourism

eOcambo Hospitality Group aspires to lower the impact of tourism and our Hotels on the environment. We are always looking for better ways to do business with a low carbon footprint and we have these measures in place now:

  • We have Saltwater pools to reduce chemical usage and environmental contamination
  • Single-use plastic and styrofoam being phased out
  • Towel, linen and water policy in place
  • Bicycles available for hire
  • Glass bottles instead of plastic in rooms, and free water refill stations for guests
  • Excess food donated to an NGO who look after homeless Cambodians
  • Reuse of printed paper for scratch paper
  • Used cardboard, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles recycled
  • Food scraps go to feed to farm animals
  • Focus on locally-sourced food
  • All lights being converted to low-energy LED lights as they need replacing
  • Use of local suppliers including tailors, laundry, and drinks to reduce fuel consumption, carbon footprint and benefit the local community
  • Use of eco-friendly local suppliers where possible
  • Replaced all individual plastic-wrapped soap-bars in the rooms with refillable soap dispensers to reduce plastic waste and landfill
  • We minimize our carbon footprint by striving to source everything needed in the hotel locally, which has the added benefit of indirect employment for the locals.
  • Eco-friendly mosquito traps.
  • We do not kill lizards as they are great eco-friendly pest exterminators, we will attempt to catch and relocate them
  • Relocation of any wildlife found in our gardens to a more suitable habitat