School Donations

Donation to Wat Prasat Primary School 24 Jan 2020

The eOcambo Foundation donated bicycles and school supplies to the Wat Prasat Primary School on behalf of the eOcambo Hospitality Group and BNI Angkor Chapter members on Friday 24th January.

The eOcambo Foundation believes education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle, and keeping children at school is crucial.  Children who don’t finish school are often condemned to a life of poverty and back-breaking physical work.  Often something as simple as a bicycle solves the problem for a lot of children and helps them remain at school.

The eOcambo Foundation contacted the school in December to enquire if any of their students were having difficulty getting to school due to the distance from home and a lack of transport.  Thirteen students were identified as needing a bike to get to school.  Without a bike, these students arrive at school tired after a long walk.  This can put a child behind because a tired child can’t concentrate on their lessons.  For a lot of children in this situation, this means they often have to repeat years and eventually drop out.

The Wat Prasat Primary School is around 20kms from Siem Reap in a rural area.   The school does not have any outside support or sponsorship and the teachers do a wonderful job with their young charges.  The school teaches 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  The children are all from the rural area around the school, which is mostly farming land growing rice, bananas, corn and cassava.  There are no sealed roads in the area and it cannot be located on a map.

All the students received a pack containing books, pens and pencils, 50 students received a bag and 13 students received a bike to get them to school.  A total of 800 books, 1600 pens, 800 rulers and 800 pencils, plus 50 bags and 13 bicycles were donated to the school.

400 beaming smiles and beautiful “Thank yous” were received in return. eOcambo and BNI believes they got the best end of the deal