Our Projects

In 2019 eOcambo Foundation has been involved in various projects, some initiated by our guests and staff.

1001 Nights for 1001 Bikes

in 2019 the eOcambo Foundation ran our first “1001 Nights for 1001 Bikes” promotion. This initiative is available again in 2020 from June until October.  It has been set up to donate bicycles to rural Cambodian children so they can get to school.

It addresses one of the major challenges faced by rural children. Often children cannot continue their education because the distance to the closest school may be more than an hour’s walk away.  Walking this distance means children are tired by the time they get to school, they can’t concentrate and fall behind. All rural children have to help their families generate income, they may be working in the fields helping with rice production, fishing, looking after cattle or a range of other chores. Then it becomes a simple equation of time, two or more hours round trip to school, plus eight hours at school leaves little time for their chores and homework. The need to generate an income to feed the family often has to take preference over education and children drop out of school.

Providing a bicycle not only gives one child transport to school, but often they take another one or two children on the bike. The bike can be used by the entire family for transportation of people and goods. It is a simple thing with huge benefits.

So far we have already made one donation to a rural primary school and we aim to do one a month in 2020.

How to Participate

Guests who book one of our hotels directly through our website can receive their last night free when they sponsor a bicycle, then to thank them, eOcambo is offering 20% off room rates, food and beverage plus 30% off spa treatments when guests extend their stay.

2019 Outcome

The eOcambo Foundation has bicycles to Rural School Children thanks to the generosity of our wonderful guests.   We hope to donate once a month in 2020.

Pcheck Chrome Primary School

The eOcambo Foundation has written a Master Plan for the improvement of the Pcheck Chrome Primary School. This school is in a very remote location around 70 kms from Siem Reap at the end of a 6 km long dirt track in very poor condition.  When the eOcambo Foundation went to the school, it took 90 minutes to drive the 6 km access track into the village.

The school consists of a wooden structure divided into three tiny classrooms for 95 students. The school does not have any supplies or resources. It does not even have one proper blackboard and multiple grades are taught in each classroom simultaneously.  The teachers have to teach by dividing the wooden panel that stands in for a blackboard into different sections for each grade in the classroom. The children do not have stationary, text-books or any other learning aids.

There is no power to the school at all.

Other than the one wooden structure the only other things in the school grounds are a water well, without a filter and which needs improving and a wooden flag pole which needs replacing. There are no paved areas, no playgrounds and only two small bushy trees which do not give adequate shade on the school grounds.

There are no toilets or wash facilities.

The wooden structure is not weather or animal proof and has come under termite attack.  The floor is dirt which quickly turns to mud when it rains. The main roof beam has split and is affected by termites, the walls, also riddled with termites, do not reach the roof or the floor. No windows have glass, they are simply open spaces in the wooden walls. There is no ceiling.

The aim of this project is to have suitable classrooms and toilets with wash facilities constructed for the school as the first priority, then grounds and infrastructure improvements. Some of these improvements are tree planting, playgrounds, life skills areas, vehicle parking, paving, concreting the well surrounds, waste management, installation of solar panels and a new flagpole

Please contact eOcambo if you would like to contribute to this project.

Guest initiated projects

Rotary Australia Hands On Project

The Hands On Project was run by Rotary Australia, Tailem Bend, to supply free prosthetic arms and hands for disadvantaged Cambodians. It was successfully run in 2017 and again in October 2019, the projects donated over 190 prosthetics just in the Siem Reap area.  eOcambo facilitated the projects by finding people who could benefit, supplied facilities to construct and fit the hands, and other logistical support here on the ground to make their planning easy and their projects a success.

Project Empathy for Djow Long Village

Project Empathy was set up by two guests from Sydney, Australia, in February 2019. It raised funds to build necessary infrastructure in Djow Long Village. The village is very small and rural, about 25kms from Siem Reap, it is not even marked on a map.

Project Empathy has built a house for a widow, her daughter and son who desperately needed weatherproof shelter and supplied six wells and pumps plus two toilets to the village.

The quality of life for the recipients has improved markedly.  One family which used to have to purchase water is now able to make an income from the well they received. They have started to take in laundry generating a small income, however, that is not the only benefit. The clothes lines are placed over long vegetable gardens, which are also new as the family could not afford the water to grow vegetables before.  The dripping water from wet clothes helps water the vegetables, and flapping clothes deters birds and some insects.  Now the family has fresh vegetables for themselves with enough left over to sell.

The family told eOcambo Foundation only three weeks after the well was installed that everyone and everything is healthier;

“Even all the new born puppies survived this time, that has never happened before”.

Something as simple as access to clean water can make a beneficial difference to a family’s health and income, helping to break the poverty cycle.


Sally and Sara’s Sanitation Project

Sally and Sara are the organizers of the “Hands On” Project (see above) and as medical professionals understand the need for sanitation.  In rural areas, less than 60% of families have access to a toilet. This project has funded four toilets, one is going into a small village school and the rest to families in the HIV village who desperately need them.

Staff Initiated Projects

Products for Girls

Many girls are forced to leave school early because they do not have the products they require every month. Without these products girls cannot attend school, they drop behind and eventually drop out, setting themselves up for a life of poverty.

One of the eOcambo staff members mentioned the problem to women in two country towns in Australia; Cootamundra and Young. The women mobilized and started to produce the products and they delivered 45 packs via the Hennesey College, Young, in June and another 40 packs in October via the Hands On Project (see above)  to Siem Reap. The packs go to one of eOcambo’s amazing partners, Free To Shine, for distribution to the more that 550 girls they look after.

More packs are in production and we are investigating methods of transporting them from Australia to Siem Reap. Transportation of the packs is the biggest restricting factor in this project.